Schedule FIM SNX Snowcross Joensuu 2024

The schedule can change due to the number of competitors and the events during the competition. The timetables are indicative. All rights reserved.

The event area and paddock are open to the public.

Friday 12.4.

18:30–19:30 presentation of Snowcross world Championships in Joensuu market square

Saturday 13.4.

11.00 The gates open to the public and ticket sales begin.

12.00 Qualifying rounds start in all categories.

All classes have one free practice and each rider has two qualifying heats, one Last Chance round per class. classes to be run; European Championship, Women's World Championship and World Championship category.

The final schedule for Saturday's race day will be published after the first meeting of the race management.

Sunday 14.4.

9.00 The gates open to the public and ticket sales begin.

9.00–11.00 European Championship finals

11.00–11.30 Track maintenance

11:40–11:50 Women's World Championship warm-up

12.00–12.10 World Championship warm-up

12.15–12.45 Track maintenance

12:20–12:50 Opening ceremony of the final day

13.00 1st round of the Women's World Championship

13.40 World Championship 1st round

14:15–14:35 Track maintenance

14.40 2nd round of the Women's World Championship

15.20 World Championship 2nd round

Prize giving ceremonies in all categories right after the last round.

Press conference right after the prize giving ceremonies.

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